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Enigma Box Game

Would you like to play an escape game in a team building, organized office event or home party? We have a solution for you. Our portable game is original, fun and suitable for a large number of players at the same time. On this page you will find all the information.


With Enigma Box Game we offer two missions

The Mad Scientist

You and your friends have been singled out for human experimentation in a project designed to help you reach your full potential so you can save the planet….from ourselves.
You have been given an experimental drug called NZ-T.
Your mental capacities are expanding beyond your imagination, you’ve become a genius using 90% of your brain, but it’s only a matter of time before your heads explode. Inside the box you will find the antidote to undo the effects of this drug, but in one of the moments of expansion of your limits you thought well … to sabotage yourself, in case of a possible second thought, by filling this box with codes, puzzles and padlocks .
At this moment the effect of the drug has finished and unfortunately you do not have access to the information that you juggled with confidence until a few minutes ago.
A timer placed on the box in front of you lets you know that you only have 60 minutes before the inevitable happens.
Find and get the antidote before the time runs out!

The Jewels of the Queen

Dear investigators, the world of Opera needs your help, on the occasion of the first performance of Tosca, at the Teatro Massimo in Palermo some mysterious events occurred, the theater company has Floria Tosca’s jewels kept at the Puccini Museum, in an alarmed display case and video surveillance. The jewels are very precious, they were given to Maestro Puccini by the German Baroness Carla Von Trotten, who in turn had received them as a gift from the queen. The precious jewels rarely come out of the safe but, since it was such an important occasion, the impresario Pove decided to use the jewels given to Puccini. The impresario then delivers the jewels to the Museum Director so that they can be placed safely in the display case. But during the night the museum’s alarm goes off… The first policemen who arrive on site find themselves in front of an incredible scene, instead of the jewels in the case they find a wooden box closed with padlocks and a note with a message…


Enigma Box Game is very similar to a classic Escape Room, with the difference that everything is concentrated inside the box. It includes everything needed for the game, apart from the timer, because you can use one of your mobile phones.

The cost of renting the Enigma Box Game is €100 per box + any cost of delivery on our part.

Being a mobile game, it can be played in any location, home, work, school, office, public place, etc…

The game is recommended for groups of up to 6 people per box, but nothing prevents you from playing alone. For larger groups you can rent more boxes and if you want you can also play in challenge mode.

Each mission can be solved in 60 minutes, but it also all depends on the spirit of the team. It can be played calmly, so the game can last longer, or competitively with the aim of finishing before 60 minutes.

Due to the complexity of the puzzles, the game is recommended for ages 10 and up. Younger children can still participate together with adults.

For the duration of the game, a remote gamemaster will be available to whom you can ask for help at any time.

You can choose the time you want. We will have to agree on the game start time to give an indication to the gamemaster who will follow you. The box will be yours for three hours. If you choose to play after 10.00 pm, the return can be made the next day by noon.

Normally you have to come and pick up the box in our office in Silea. We can also deliver it by prior arrangement. Delivery is free within 20km of our office. From 20km to 30km the cost for delivery is €10. From 30km to 40km the cost for delivery is €20


Il gioco portatile Enigma Box Game è un'attività ideale per gruppi di lavoro. È intelligente, divertente e può coinvolgere tutta la squadra contemporaneamente. La collaborazione è alla base di questo gioco.
BHR Team
I miei amici mi hanno fatto una bellissima sorpresa. Per il mio compleanno hanno portato il gioco di Enigma Box Game e ci siamo divertiti tantissimo. E' stata una sorpresa molto gradita. Gioco consigliato per una festa in casa.
Alessia F.
Lavoro per una start-up innovativa e con altri colleghi abbiamo deciso di portare nella nostra sede i giochi di Enigma Box Game. Esperienza fantastica e coinvolgente da provare tra colleghi. Consigliato al 100%
Alberta B.