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Online Escape Games

March 2021 – The Disseminators are a group of imprisoned anarchist hackers, very skilled at stealing confidential documents which they then publish on the web, the group wants to come out of hiding and is looking for a successor, so they are giving away documents that contain files with details on secret operations , weapons depots, identities of undercover agents, etc…
A long line of governmental and non-governmental institutions would like those documents, but according to the hacker code, the documents must be recovered in a place not yet defined, engaging as little time as possible, solving puzzles and riddles and paying attention to the various traps and pitfalls.

escape room online

Are you a member of W.I.S.E. an independent international intelligence agency, protecting the world from harm.
The Pegasus project is a mysterious project of SPIDER Tech company. Recently 3 of their scientists were found dead. Officially they died in an accident. One of your colleagues, Agent Spike, was working undercover. He sent us a video a few days ago. After that we never heard from him again… Luckily, he managed to send us a map and encrypted plans. Explore the building and find out what happened to the scientists. Reveal SPIDER Tech’s evil plans regarding The Pegasus Project. Now it’s your turn to play detectives in this fantastic online game.


Grande esperienza! Non facile ma fattibile. Con i miei amici ci siamo divertiti tanto e tutti abbiamo avuto modo di partecipare attivamente al gioco.
Daniele R.
Abbiamo giocato da casa in collegamento PC con dei nostri amici. Tutto ha funzionato perfettamente, enigmi divertenti e per niente banali.
Giovanna D.
La nostra esperienza è stata fantastica! Molto interessante, e si presta alla perfezione per fare team building a distanza. Gioco consigliato!
Leonardo V.